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Apple preps partners for iPhone 5 curved display

Apple is rumoured to be taking a leaf out of Google's book for its next-generation iPhone 5, giving the device a curved-glass display which will - allegedly - make it easier to control single-handedly.

One of the stand-out features of Google's Nexus S smartphone design is its 'contour display.' While the display panel itself is flat, the protective glass covering has a distinct curvature - with Google claiming that it makes the phone easier to operate with a thumb while it's held in your hand.

Although the actual benefits of the curved glass are, perhaps, somewhat subjective, it gives the Samsung-manufactured handset a sleek, elegant appearance - and that's something on which Apple likes to think it has a handle.

Accordingly, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that the Cupertino-based shiny things manufacturer would consider borrowing the concept for its next handset. And, according to industry rumour mill DigiTimes, that's exactly what it's doing.

The creation of curved glass displays isn't easy - and Apple's recent spat with Samsung means it's unlikely to find much help there. To get its hardware partners up to speed, the company is reportedly buying between 200 and 300 specialist glass-cutting machines which it will dole out to manufacturers as and when required.

With the machines reported to be currently sitting dormant in storage, it's not known when production on the iPhone 5 will start - but Apple's unlikely to have invested this much money to leave the device with a last-generation flat display.