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Apple To Use Curved Cover Glass For iPhone 5?

The new iPhone 5 has triggered a lot of rumours related to its release date and its hardware improvements. According to industry sources close to Taiwanese suppliers, the latest suggestion is that Apple could use curved cover glass in the next generation model.

The same sources added that there is a certain reluctance among cover glass makers to invest and actually buy glass cutting equipment because of the large capital that needs to be invested. The American company has allegedly bought between 200 and 300 glass cutting machines that could be used by glass makers.

It appears that Apple really wants to press on with the curved glass production. According to the same sources, the glass cutting equipment is stored at secondary assembly plants and will be brought online as soon as the curved glass yield rate has reported a good enough level.

There is no schedule available yet for the volume production of the fifth-generation iPhone because the company is trying to find a manner to improve production yield rates. Apple is working with its suppliers and partners that provide touch sensors and cover glass, lamination and glass cutting services to develop a solution to achieve appropriate yield rates.