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Asus leaks sneak peek at sleek iPad contender

Asus has 'leaked' images of what looks like a new tablet device which will be officially announced at Computex next week if rumours are to be believed.

The three heavily-cropped images turned up at Tech in Style earlier today and seem to show a glass and aluminium tablet which drops into a larger plastic enclosure, though the reasoning behind the secondary hardware remains a mystery.

Sitting on the dock... click for larger view

Only a curved bump is shown in the image so it could be a full-size mechanical keyboard - although no keys are actually visible.

Asus has recently punted a couple of innovative new takes on the tablet market with the EeePad Transformer, which features a snap-on keyboard dock, and the Slider, which features a slide-out keyboard.

One of the images also shows what looks like a stylus, or could just be some kind of latching device to release the tablet from its enclosure.

We won't get the full picture until Computex opens its doors on May 30th but feel free to let us know what you thinq is going on in these images in the comments below.