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Cisco Rumored To Be Selling Its WebEx And Linsys Divisions

Networking giant Cisco has declined to comment on the on-going rumors about the sale of its Linksys and WebEx business units.

Citing people famlier with the matter, The Register revealed that the company is planning to sell of its Linksys consumer router unit as a part of on on-going restructuring process.

The company has also been rumored to be mulling over the sale of its WebEx consumer line in an attempt to make it more profitable,

Cisco has come under fire for reporting a series of disappointing quarters. The company’s CEO, John Chambers had said that the company will undergo a massive restructuring and would changes how decisions are made in the organisation.

During the company’s recent third quarter result discussion, Chambers indicated that the company would cut back on products and human resources. Cisco’s restructuring could result in as many as 5,000 people loosing their jobs.

The sale of Linksys wouldn't be surprising as the company had previously said in a press release that it planned to refocus its home networking business to make it more profitable and integrate it with the company’s core networking infrastructure.

However, the sale of WebEx would be unexpected as the product is the core of its collaboration suite that is gaining popularity in the small and medium sized business division.