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Firefox, Chrome Experiment With Eliminating Address Bar

Browser makers Google and Mozilla are experimenting with a new feature on their browses that would allow users to hide the URL bar to get more screen space.

The feature on is being tried out, but has yet to become a part of their mainstream offerings, Conceivably Tech reports.

The early Chrome 13 build available from the Chrome Canary channel comes with a ‘Compact Navigation’ feature, which will allow users to select the ‘Hide toolbar’ option to hide the URL bar including to entire tool bar for more screen space.

Similarly, a new add-on has been made available for Firefox called LessChrome HD, which is designed to allow users to hide the toolbars in an open tab when they are not in use. The entire tool bar, including the URL bar, reappears when users move their cursor over a tab or when they open a new tab.

Hiding URL bars for more screen space might sound inviting to some, but it would make it difficult users to see which web page they are on. This makes it easier for hackers to implement phishing attacks that redirect users to a fake web page. However, the feature could be great on small screen netbook and notebook devices.