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German police downed Pirate Party servers

German police downed the servers of the German Pirate Party in an operation instigated on behalf of French authorities, the Party said on Friday.

According to a statement put out by the Piratenpartei Deutschland, police "confiscated a number of servers of the German Pirate Party which are provided by AixIT in Offenbach, for a French investigation".

The Party said it would support the French authorities in their investigation while maintaining that it didn't believe it had done anything wrong. It said it was still trying to fathom out why all its servers were taken down

"The disconnection of all servers is a massive intrusion into the communications infrastructure of the sixth largest party in Germany," the Party's leaders said. "Considering the state elections taking place in Bremen in two days, this caused a severe political damage, which the Board condemns decisively."

The French investigators were apparently looking into a possible attack on the IT infrastructure of power group Électricité de France SA (EDF), which was blamed on Anonymous.

The Party says this morning that its operations are coming back online "piece by piece" as it ensures the police haven't been fiddling with its servers.