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Google Says Online Advertising Could Be Worth Over $200 Billion In A Few Years

The online graphical advertisement market is likely to increase significantly within the next few years, Neal Mohan, the vice president of display advertising product at Google predicts.

The vice president added that the online ad market will soon see billions of dollars worth of deals with the introduction of the revolutionary “real time bidding” technology in the digital display advertising market. According to Mohan, this technology will eventually change the way media agencies operate today.

“Our belief is that by Google’s participation we can grow the overall display advertising pie,” Mr Mohan said in an exclusive statement to the Financial Times.

“The fundamental problem we are trying to solve is how do we get from [being] a $24bn industry to a $200bn industry in a few short years,” he continued.

He also said that there is a good chance of the digital display market passing even the $200 billion mark, especially when you consider the integration of offline media such as television with internet technology.

“I have never seen a technology get adopted in this industry as fast as real-time bidding and I have seen dozens and dozens of technologies,” Mohan claimed.