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Google Ships More Prototype Netbooks

Google has resumed shipping its Chrome OS prototype Cr-48 netbooks to people who signed up for the trial.

The company had started the program in December 2010, in which people who registered with the company would receive a free netbook running on the Chrome OS.

A lot of netbooks were sent out, with the OS and the device running it getting a mixed review. Much to the disappoint of users, Google had stopped shipping the free netbooks citing inventory shortages.

But now, as Google prepares to launch the first Acer and Samsung Chrome OS meant for the public, an article on Chrome OS site claims that many people have reported receiving surprise packages from Google containing brand new C4-48 netbooks.

“I got a surprise package in the mail today, opened it and found a brand new Chrome OS netbook from Google! Any one else getting these after signing up for the program 5+ months ago?,” one person wrote in a forum, clearly surprised. Google had previously announced that it had run out of the netbooks.

Some people have speculated that Google is clearing its inventory before the new Chrome OS netbooks from Acer and Samsung launch.