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Google Voice, Sprint Customers Accidentally Overcharged

Sprint customers who have integrated a Google Voice number with their plan are in for a serious case of bill shock due to overage charges.

According to Google, a problem with the integration process causes the Google Voice number to be treated like it belongs to another carrier. The problem seems to be affecting customers that have plans that give them mobile-to-mobile free airtime.

People who use their Google Voice number on Sprint’s family plan and have seen their free minutes depleted significantly.

Customers who chose to use their Sprint number as their Google Voice number are not experiencing any problems, Venture Beat reports.

Earlier, when Google had announced Google Voice integration with Sprint, customers who had used the service were reporting excessive charges, security breaches and poor call quality.

Vincent Paquet, senior product manager for Google Voice, said that the company was working on a permanent fix for the problem, CNET reports.

“We're still working on a permanent fix in the first place, but we have a temporary fix in place. This is probably the most visible issue, but to be perfectly honest, we're talking about tens of users, so it's a small number,” he said.