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Harrods Launches iPhone App For Customers

Luxury goods seller Harrods has launched its own iPhone app that will allow shoppers to navigate through the 7-storey store and locate the luxury item they want to buy.

The app, which is available for download from the App Store, also allows users to view the product inventory of the classy store.

The Harrods app also provides the menu of all the Harrods restaurants and also comes with a history section that lets users browse through the history of the iconic store. The app also comes with a news section that will give users the latest news from the brands that are available in Harrods and inform about special schemes and discounts.

Using the app, users will also be able to sync important Harrods events with the iCal app on the iPhone so that they don’t miss on anything.

The Harrods app, which is available for a free download, will also let users to create a shopping list for their next visit to Harrods.

“We are continuously aiming to offer our customers the optimum level of service through use of new technology. With its useful tools and services, the Harrods app is set to become a vital part of the shopping experience at the store,” Mark Briggs, Store Manager of Harrods, said in a statement as citied by Marketing.