ICO Planning Combined Strategy For Data Protection, Freedom Of Information

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has come up with a new, combined strategy for data protection and freedom of information, new reports revealed.

ICO claimed that they are committed towards integrating freedom of information with their data protection responsibilities, and that, this new strategy will eventually "make this commitment a reality".

“There's a huge issue around knowing what information is already there in the public domain. Looking at anonymised disclosures of information and understanding how it might be mashed with other data is one of the biggest challenges for us," Graham Smith, deputy commissioner and director of freedom of information at the ICO, said in a statement at the recently held “An Information War” event as citied by Computing.

The event was held with the view of examining the existing balance between rights of the individual, national security and trade secrets.

To prove his point, Mr. Smith pointed out towards the anonymised information that came out last year on delayed abortions. He also said that it’s certainly not a walk in the park to make sure that the information going out stays truly anonymous.

"Are those statistics genuinely anonymised so that other information out there cannot be used to identify those people?" Smith added.