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LA Noire Tops UK Gaming Charts

Rockastar’s newly launched L.A Noire has managed to top the UK video gaming charts after launching over the weekend.

The game, which is available on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is being hailed as break-through in the adventure gaming genre. The game play almost feels like a movie and the developers have used the MotionScan technology which is also getting rave reviews.

The game is based on the Grand Theft Auto format, but instead of role-playing as criminals, gamers get to be a cop, who has to decipher crime scene clues and other evidence to solve a case.

Gamers will also require to read the body language and expressions of witnesses and criminals to know if they are lying. This particular feature has led a member of Team Bondi to claim that the game would appeal to women as they are more adept in reading facial and body expressions than men.

L.A Noire was at the top of the UK video gaming chart followed by Lego-Pirates of the Caribbean on the second spot. The third, fourth and fifth spot was grabbed by Brink, Zumba Fitness and The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings respectively.