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Late News: Sony BMG’s Greece Site Hacked, IBM Allocates Research Fund, Intel Extends SSD 320 Warranty

Sony has found itself at the receiving end of yet another major attack; this time the Sony, BMG Greece site has been hacked. According to a recent blog entry of the security firm, Sophos, Sony BMG’s Greece based systems have “been hacked and information dumped”.

Communications service providers (CSPs) have an opportunity to improve their IT efficiency and many are planning to invest in improving their IT infrastructures in the next 18 months, a new research has shown. According to research conducted by Oracle Communications and PwC, CSPs are looking to enhance their IT efficiency to gain a competitive edge over rivals.

IBM has decided to allocate $100 million in funds for research and development in its data analytics division. Data analytics software is used to study and process the large amount of data stored in data centres. According to the company, the money will be used to research better methods of analysing big data sets and coming up with improved enterprise-class products.

The online graphical advertisement market is likely to increase significantly within the next few years, Neal Mohan, the vice president of display advertising product at Google predicts. The vice president added that the online ad market will soon see billions of dollars worth of deals with the introduction of the revolutionary “real time bidding” technology in the digital display advertising market

Chip maker Intel has extended the warranty of its SSD 320 solid state drive offering to five years. The other SSD offerings from the company, however, will remain at three years but the company is expected to increase the warranty of SSDs sold to enterprise customers to five years.