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New Laptop PC Design Inspired By iPad

Intel has suggested that laptops will increasingly adopt features from tablets and become more like the iPad. The chipset manufacturer said that laptops could become thinner, be turned on immediately and provide instant connectivity.

Intel executives have even suggested that laptops could have a standard thickness of around 18 millimeters and, more amazingly, future tablets and smartphones could be only 8 millimeters thick.

Intel had wanted to promote ultra-thin laptops before but the company had to give up the idea because the performance was lacking and the marketing strategy was not well-designed. This time, Intel plans to deliver a solid marketing campaign together with fast, power-efficient thin laptops able to run and provide a connection almost instantly.

Intel introduced the Samsung Series 9 ( 0.64 inches thick) at an informal event and demonstrated how future technology provided by the company could put a PC out of hibernation mode immediately, thus avoiding the 20-30 second regular wait. Therefore, the standby mode will turn into the instant-on hibernation mode.

But if laptops are turning into tablet-like devices, one question arises: how is this going to affect iPad sales? Consumers might prefer to buy an 18 millimeter thick laptop with Ivy Bridge processor, compatible with various OS for a price tag of $1,000 rather than purchase a tablet.