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Noon News: Apple Store 2.0 Launched, Windows Phone 7.5 Update Launch In New York, IBM More Valuable Than Microsoft

Apple has launched the new version of its Apple Store retail outlets, dubbed Apple Store 2.0, new reports confirmed. Earlier last week, there were already rumors about a possible launch of the next generation Apple retail store in the coming days.

Browser makers Google and Mozilla are experimenting with a new feature on their browses that would allow users to hide the URL bar to get more screen space. The feature on is being tried out, but has yet to become a part of their mainstream offerings, Conceivably Tech reports.

Microsoft is gearing up to launch the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update at an event in New York. The first major update to the Windows Phone 7 platform since its launch, it is expected to bring the platform up to par with rivals Apple and Google, but Microsoft will have to do more than that to reach their level of popularity.

A Sophos security researcher has slammed Microsoft for painting a one-sided picture of the malware-blocking capabilities of its Internet Explorer 9 web browser. In an interview with Computer World, Chet Wisniewski, a researcher at the UK based security firm Sophos, reacted to a blog post made by Microsoft about the SmartScreen technology in Internet Explorer 9.

IBM has become the second most valuable tech company in the US, beating Microsoft after more than 20 years. Although Microsoft remains more profitable than IBM, the company’s share price has risen 45 percent in the past 10 years while Microsoft has remained flat and has even started to decline, The Express Tribune reports.