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Open Source OS Fedora 15 Will Introduce A Dynamic Firewall

The upcoming release of the Linux-based Fedora 15 open source operating system will come with a dynamic firewall technology that enhances user security.

A decent firewall is one of the primary security measures deployed by desktop and server clients in order to protect the system from external attacks. The dynamic firewall can interact with programs, allowing for a wider range of functionality.

According to an article on e-Security Planet (opens in new tab) the new version of the operating system, which will launch on May 24, focuses heavily on improving existing security measures.

Fedora 15 comes with a directory encryption feature that would make it easier and safer for users to store their data securely.

Jared Smith, Fedora Project Leader said that the platform also comes with a dynamic firewall that were bring a sophisticated level of flexibility and added security for the platform.

"Most Linux systems use IP tables type firewalls and the problem is that if you want to make a change to the firewall, it's hard to modify on the fly without reloading the entire firewall," Smith said.

"Fedora 15 is really the first mainstream operating system to have a dynamic firewall where you can add or change rules and keep the firewall up and responding while you're making changing."