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Pirate Party Servers Disconnected By German Cops

At the request of French authorities, German police officers have disconnected the German Pirate Party's Internet connection and confiscated computer equipment and servers.

According to a statement published by Piratenpartei Deutschland, a German branch of the original Swedish political party, the ISP-owned servers were nabbed as evidence in a French investigation.

According to thinq_ a party spokesperson said the organisation would co-operate with the French investigation but insisted it has done nothing wrong.

"The disconnection of all servers is a massive intrusion into the communications infrastructure of the sixth largest party in Germany," the Party's leaders said. "Considering the state elections taking place in Bremen in two days, this caused a severe political damage, which the Board condemns decisively."

The French cops were reportedly looking into an attack on energy outfit Électricité de France SA which had been pinned on hacktivist collective Anonymous,