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Sony's Greek Website The Latest Victim Of Ongoing Attacks

Sony has found itself at the receiving end of yet another major attack; this time the Sony, BMG Greece site has been hacked.

According to a recent blog entry of the security firm, Sophos, Sony BMG’s Greece based systems have “been hacked and information dumped”.

“An anonymous poster has uploaded a user database to, including the usernames, real names and email addresses of users registered on,” the report by Chester Wisniewski of Sophos claimed. Chester Wisniewski works as senior security advisor at Sophos.

He also advised existing Sony BMG, Greece users to reset their passwords immediately.

The report also said that there is a pretty high probability that the attackers used an automated SQL injection tool to detect the loopholes in the site- something that does need any high level of hacking knowledge.

It was only last month when Sony’s PlayStation and PC Gaming Networks were hacked by still unidentified hackers. Sony's sites have started to come back online in piece-meal fashion, but the extent of the damage to the company's reputation is still unclear.

According to Wisniewski, "It is nearly impossible to run a totally secure web presence, especially when you are the size of Sony."