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Stronger Privacy Laws Needed, Cameron Comments On Twitter Super-Injunction

Prime Minister David Cameron has said that Britain needs to strengthen its privacy laws as Twitter super-injunction controversy escalates.

In an interview on ITV1's Daybreak programme, the prime minister claimed that it was ‘unsustainable’ for traditional media to not to print information that was freely available online.

He was referring to the recent super-injunction controversy in which a Twitter to put online the names of celebrities that had procured super-injunction orders to protect their privacy. The super-injunction banned newspapers and magazines from printing information about the celebrities.

However, the super-injunction are generally not followed by the users of social networking platforms like Twitter.

The rogue twitter user had also mentioned a footballer, who later filed a lawsuit against Twitter and unknown users for violating the super-injunction.

"What I've said in the past is the danger is that judgements are effectively writing a new law, which is what parliament is meant to do," the PM said.

"So I think the government - parliament - has got to take some time out, have a proper look at this, have a think about what we can do. But I'm not sure there is going to be a simple answer." he added.