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Toyota Aims Social Networking Through Alliance With

After decades of domination in the car market, Toyota is all set to move into the world of social networking, new reports confirmed

According to reports, the Japanese automobile giant is going to join forces with the San Francisco based, to bring up this new Twitter-like private social network, designed particularly for the proud owners of Toyota cars. This new social media service, reportedly being built upon Salesforce’s Chatter platform, will be known as “Toyota Friends”.

“Social networking services are transforming human interaction and modes of communication. The automobile needs to evolve in step with that transformation. I am always calling for Toyota to make ever-better cars,” Akio Toyoda, Toyota Motor Corporation’s president said in a statement.

“The alliance that we announce today (with Salesforce) is an important step forward in achieving that goal,” he added.

Apparently, both Salesforce and Toyota believe that “Toyota Friends” will eventually prove itself as a handy platform when it comes to connecting consumers to the company, as well as with dealers.

Also, according to Toyota, this new service will allow customers to link their accounts to Facebook, Twitter, in addition to providing them maintenance tips as well as notifications. Mr. Toyoda also said that it has become a need of the hour for the automobile industry to evolve in sync with social networking.