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Vye Chromebook Competitor To Cost £140?

A listing for a netbook from Vye has appeared online with the Jolicloud OS, the other alternative to Chrome OS; named Jolibook, it may well be the most credible alternative yet to the Chromebooks.

The listing can be seen here, and we have tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with Saveonlaptops to confirm when or indeed, whether, the Vye Jolibook will go on sale for £140; the netbook - which was launched back in November last year - currently sells for twice that price direct from Vye here.

Specwise, it is very similar to the Chromebook (and indeed any netbook). It has a dual core Intel Atom N550 processor, a 10.1-inch WSVGA LED backlit screen, 1GB RAM, a 250GB hard disk drive and up to seven hours battery life, very much like your typical netbook.

Like Chrome OS, Jolicloud, currently in Version 1.2, delivers many of Google's promises including the ability to start up and connect to the internet in seconds, hundreds of applications available in one click, although unlike Chrome OS, it is even compatible with Chrome, iPad and will be with Android.

Indeed, you can even download Jolicloud for free and run it alongside your current Windows operating system using a simple USB key. We will update the article as soon as we get feedback from Saveonlaptops.