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Windows Phone 7.5 Ready To Launch In New York

Microsoft is gearing up to launch the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update at an event in New York.

The first major update to the Windows Phone 7 platform since its launch, it is expected to bring the platform up to par with rivals Apple and Google, but Microsoft will have to do more than that to reach their level of popularity.

A recent first quarter smartphone sale study conducted by Gartner revealed that Google’s Android was installed on 36 percent of smartphones while Windows Phone 7 accounted for merely 3 percent of all smartphones sold. Nokia's Symbian OS and Apple's iOS were the second and third most popular mobile OS respectively.

That said, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update comes with a lot of features that might make the platform more interesting. The update comes with a new Bing features that bring turn-by-turn navigation, capabilities that turn the smartphone in to a bar code, QR code and Microsoft Tags scanner.

The update also brings Windows Live platform to the OS and Office 365, which is a cloud based version of the Office productivity suite.

Microsoft and Nokia are planning to make phones with Windows Phone 7.5 available by the end of the year.