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£10.99 4-in-1 Mini Digital Video USB Pocket Camcorder

The 4 in 1 Mini Digital Video USB Pocket Camcorder is a smart way to capture memorable, and most precious moments in moving frames. It is compact, and fits virtually everywhere - be it in your purse, or in the pockets of your skinny jeans.

Its user friendly, and even the most “technically challenged” people won’t find any difficulties in navigating through all the amazing features it brings along. The recording process can be started with just the touch of a button.

Add more to that - you can transfer all your recorded footage directly to your PC by using the USB interface it is armed with, no cables required. The USB port can be used for charging the device as well.

The product can also be used to capture still images. The CMOS sensors it is equipped with, leaves you with a really high-quality output. The captured images, or videos can be saved directly on to the 2 GB SD memory it brings along. Both micro SD (with an adapter) and full size, standard SD cards are supported.

Apart from its quality offering as a camcorder and a camera, the device can also be used as an audio recorder - a feature that certainly gives it an edge over its rivals.

The 4-in-1 Mini Digital Video USB Pocket Camcorder can be purchased from for an amount of £10.99 only.