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Android App Unlocks Galaxy S II Smartphone

A new app available on the Android Market allows users to unlock their Galaxy S II Smartphone and use it with other carriers.

The Galaxy S II SIM Unlock Code Finder has been developed by XDA-Developers and works by searching the device for the SIM unlock code, which is present in the nv_data.bin file. Once the code is discovered, users are required to write down the unlock code.

Once they have the code, users can insert a SIM from a different carrier and enter the unlock code when prompted, thus unlocking the device. However, the app will root the Android based device, so users must be prepared for something to go wrong.

“There is a possibility that this code may not work. If it doesn’t, DO NOT run the program again as this may freeze your device. Should a “freeze” happen, the program comes with a tool to find a code that will “unfreeze” it. However, it is not guaranteed to work. All in all, use this at your own risk,” the jailbreaker team warned in a blog post.

According to the developers, the phone unlocker tool has been made possible thanks to the efforts from XDA moderator Chainfire and member Odia.