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Canada Fast Developing Into the New Home for Hackers

Canada has in the past been known for Mounties, ice hockey, showing off their superior language skills by using both English and French, and the weather also being a bit chilly – but very recently the country has sadly become an ideal location for people involved in cyber crime.

According to a recent analysis report on the (security company) Websense blog, due to IP addresses in China and Eastern Europe both being under increasingly great scrutiny and evaluation, hackers are upping sticks and relocating their networks to Canada as a “fresh start” in a country that has a clean canvas that has yet to be tarnished by the cybercriminal’s dirty brush.

The Websense blog states the following facts about Canada’s rise in hacker popularity;

More Hosted Phishing Sites – A big increase (going up 319% in the last year) has emerged of servers hosting nasty phishing websites. This tremendous increase over the last 12 months is second only to Egypt in terms of the growth of sites hosting crimeware.

More Bot Networks – The control centres of hackers and cyber criminals moving to Canada due to the country’s fairly good non-hacking past. However, in the past eight months, they saw a 53 percent increase in bot networks in the country.

Number of Websites with Malicious Content – Thankfully malicious websites are in decline in all countries. But Canada’s decline is much slower than the rest of the world.

Overall Increase in Cybercrime –Canada was recently ranked as #13 in the world for hosting cybercrime in a report by Websense. However, they have quickly risen to #6 in the world recently – with no signs of improvement.

A clampdown on cybercrime by the Canadian government is the only way to prevent this unfortunate growth developing in the country. If nothing is done, the Canadians could risk seeing the Maple Leaf’s proud reputation starting to droop online.