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Citrix Acquires Kaviza, Targets SMB Segment

Citrix Systems has announced the acquisition of virtualisation start up Kaviza, which provides virtualisation solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

SMBs are hesitant to deploy virtual desktops owing to the high costs and the complexity that comes with deploying VDIs. Kaviza’s solution offers a simple low cost solution to all these problems.

Kaviza offers virtual desktop infrastructure-in-box solutions to SMBs to make it easier for them to deploy and maintain virtualised desktops. Through this solution, Kaviza claims that the overall cost involved with managing desktops is reduced. If operating system or applications need to be patched, the IT department needs to only patch a few images in contrast to the hundreds of physical desktops, said Kaviza.

According to Citrix, the acquisition will not only add a unique VDI solution in its portfolio, but will also let it expand its reach in the small and medium sized businesses market.

The VDI in a box solution offered by Kaviza allows SMBs to ‘go virtual’ from a single application without the need for separate connection brokers, load balancers, provisioning servers and expensive shared network storage.

The attendees of Citirix’s Synergy 2011 user conference, taking place between 25th and 27th May, will have the opportunity to have a closer peek at the product.