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Dogs that sniff out mobile phones go to prison

Man has tought its best friend, the dog, to do all sorts of cool stuff. We have tought our loyal companions to hunt animals, assist the blind, do cool tricks, and even to sniff out drugs. We can now add mobile phones to that list, as dogs are being trained to sniff out the phones in prisons.

As the outside world becomes more and more high-tech, the prison ecosystem has also been getting more high-tech, with mobile phones ranking high on many prison's list of most consficated contraband.

Mobileda is reporting that a county jail in Bulter County, Ohio, added an 18th-month-old chocolate-coloured Labrador to a team trained to sniff out cellular phones. Tank is able to sniff out the lithium battery in cell phones when his owner, 'correctional' officer Chris Morris, tells him to.

The dog came to the county jail after it had been trained at the Ultimate Working Dogs center in West Virginia, which trains law enforcement dogs. Tank stays in his kennel most of the day, leaving every so often to complete a specfiic check or just making the rounds.

After Tank sniffs the scent of a celmoilel phone after his owner has instructed him to, he just sits there staring at the area until Morris finds it. "This is just play to him," Chris Morris remarked.

"[These dogs] are used in jails and prisons because cell phones are contraband there just as much as narcotics," Ultimate Working Dogs' Tracy Landis said.

Tank's ability to smell out lithium batteries means his mere presence tends to make inmates not even want to try to sneak the contraband past the wardens.

Good boy!