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Facebook Hiring Diplomats, Focused On Improving Privacy

Reports are that Facebook may soon introduce a new team of global ambassadors to represent the company in numerous countries all across the world.

This new move by Mark Zuckerberg and his men is widely being viewed by many as a desperate attempt by the company to maintain a good and healthy relationship with the authorities from different countries.

Even Debbie Frost, a Facebook spokeswoman, was found approving this theory when she reportedly told Mercury News, “This is the right investment for us to make because we want to have better relationships with regulators and policymakers across Europe and around the world.”

“It’s important that we have a presence, so people can have a direct line into Facebook. You limit the scope for misunderstandings,” she added.

According to Facebook’s job site, one of the key responsibilities of these “global ambassadors” will be to act as the “primary contact with foreign government officials and politicians.”

"Successful applicants will become part of a team that is dealing with some of the most interesting public policy challenges of our times including privacy," Facebook revealed.

Many analysts believe that this proposed move by the company is indeed a much necessary step, especially keeping in mind the growing concerns and criticisms about the company’s privacy features originating from various corners of the world.