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Google Acquires SparkBuy, Will Use It To Power Google Product Search

Google moved to acquire the six-month-old electronics price comparison website SparkBuy.

The Seattle based internet company offers a sophisticated search engine that allows users to search for consumer electronics based on numerous preferences.

The company has managed to raise $1 million in venture capital funding, and the rich search function that the company uses obviously caught people's attention at Google.

The acquisition's financial details were not revealed but the website will no longer function and the three-man team behind it will join Google’s offices in Kirkland, Washington. Google is expected to use the in-depth search engine offered by SparkBuy in its Google Product Search feature.

SparkBuy was founded by the successful tech entrepreneur Dan Shapiro, who also founded Ontela which was sold to photo sharing platform Photobucket.

“We are pleased as punch to announce that Sparkbuy has been acquired by Google,” the SparkBuy team said in a posting on the website, GeekWire reports.

“We’re stoked about the opportunity to share our vision for search with a broader audience. And while we won't be offering services at any more, stay tuned for truckloads of new awesome from our team at Google.”