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Instore iPad 2 Displays Will Save Apple Time And Money

The interactive iPad 2 units in Apple Stores will help the company save money in the long term, according to analyst Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities, Apple Insider reports.

Apple has had a new retail store design since Sunday. The company decided to use iPad 2 displays in stores and allow customers to use them to search for information about product features and price tags etc.. Apple Stores have already been a successful concept, but the new instore tablets take them "to the next level", according to White.

The interactive iPad 2 tablets will not only draw the customer's attention to the tablet, thus alluring them to buy it, but apart from this, Apple will be able to save money using the tablet devices, because information can be refreshed more easily, faster and cheaper compared to the old fashion printed format.

Employees can also use the iPad 2 device since they have been given the RetailMe software.

The Cupertino giant stated in a recent earnings report that it owned 323 stores with each store generating revenue of $9.9 million on average, thus marking a 90% annual revenue increase. Apple is planning to open another 40 new stores in 2011; almost 30 of them will be opened outside the US.