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Intel invests $24.5 million in four companies

Intel has invested $24.5 million in four computing companies, bringing its total capital investments to $10 billion.

The chip maker is pouring money into CrowdStar, iStreamPlanet, Music Mastermind and PerspecSys, four companies which Intel believes are working on technologies that may prove imporrtant in the future.

CrowdStar creates games for Facebook, as well as mobile applications. It has 31 million active users every month, making it a potent contender to take on FarmVille creator Zynga. The firm will use its new funds to hire additional people to work on its projects.

iStreamPlanet is TV service specialising in on-demand delivery of high-definition content. The company develops products for creating, managing and monetising content, while also enhancing the security involved. It has worked with Intel in the past on the Olympic Cloud Origin Services.

Music Mastermind is an audio company that created SoundBetter, which makes it easier to make music by eliminating many of the complexities involved, apparently. It will be showcasing the media and entertainment potential of Intel-based computers later this year. It said it will use the investment money to accelerate development of its products.

PerspecSys provides an enterprise cloud service that enhances privacy and security. Its customers include financial firms, banks and public sector services and the additional funds will help it expand its business.

Intel is a significant invester, pumping money into many startups while expanding its own operations. It promised up to $8 billion for a fabrication plant in Oregon and ponied up $500 million to upgrade its campus in Ireland. Further investments will likely be on the cards throughout the rest of the year.