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Kobo Introduces e-Reader With Touchscreen And e-Ink

Kobo has launched a new 6-inch e-reader that comes with touch capabilities and promises to make e-reading much simpler.

The e-reader comes with the traditional features including a search function, text highlighting, bookmarking and note taking. The Kobo Touch Edition also features an on-screen virtual keyboard. The e-reader has a single button located below the screen for going back to the homepage.

The device features an e-ink touch screen that is based on infrared touch technology, which responds to the touch of any object. Kobo CEO Michael Serbinis said that users will turn the page by touching a finger, or a pencil or pen.

The Kobo Touch Edition comes in multiple colors and is priced at $130. The device is available for pre-order from Best Buy, Borders and Wal-Mart. Meanwhile, the price of the old Kobo Wireless e-reader has been slashed to $99 from $130.

Serbinis told The L.A Times that the company gearing up for some serious competition with rivals Amazon and Barnes and Nobel and believes that the new Kobo has a competitive edge.

“We're gunning for Amazon. We now have just under 4 million users in over 100 countries. We're No. 1 in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. And we've essentially pioneered the affordable e-reader. That brings us to touch technology. We think this is a compelling experience -- not really matched on the market right now,” he said.