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Late News: Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Released, Jive Acquires OffiSync, Canada New Home For Hackers, Firefox 5 Beta

Infinity Ward has released the trailer for the highly anticipated Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3, which will be available in November. The trailer was released by Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling, who tweeted the trailer’s YouTube link. Bowling later claimed on Twitter that Call of Duty does not use cut-scenes and the trailer is comprised of actual game play.

Microsoft may unveil the upcoming Windows 8 operating system to the public at the D:AllThingsDigital conference next week. According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, D:AllThingsDigital has confirmed that Microsoft’s Windows president Steven Sinofsky will speak at the ninth D:AllThingsDigital conference next week.

Social enterprise software maker Jive Software has moved to acquire Israel-based OffiSync for $25 million - $30 million in shares. The Tel Aviv based OffiSync offers a plug-in for Microsoft Office that allows users to sync it with Google Docs. Users are able to store their Microsoft Office documents on Docs and are also able to collaborate on a single Microsoft Office document from a Google Docs interface.

Canada has in the past been known for Mounties, ice hockey, showing off their superior language skills by using both English and French, and the weather also being a bit chilly – but very recently the country has sadly become an ideal location for people involved in cyber crime.

Mozilla started shipping the beta version of Firefox 5 last Friday, with the final edition of the product scheduled to hit the market on June 21. The company has also made this new beta version available for download worldwide.