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Livescribe Pens Now Share Notes Through Google Docs And Social Media

Livescribe has updated its entire range of smart pens to allow users to share their notes via social networking platforms, blogs and email via Livescribe Connect.

The update is available for both Echo and Pulse smart pens offered by Livescribe. Users use the pen to take down notes or write stuff on a special paper. The pens are capable of recording audio while the users are writing.

The pen strokes and the audio read by the pen can be recorded as a Flash based PDF file, which can be viewed on any application. The new update will allow users to share their notes on a wide range of platforms and to access their notes from anywhere.

The new tool is activated by drawing a back and forth line below the notes. The LCD panel on the pen prompts users to write the command. Users can then share the note by writing ‘Evernote’ or ‘Google Docs’ anywhere on the special page, PC Mag reports.

But the pen is not equipped with a wireless connection, so users will have to connect it to a computer before uploading their notes.

Current Livescribe owners will get Connect via a firmware update, and the update will come built-in with the new $99 Livescribe Echo pen.