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Microsoft Windows 8 To Make Its Debut At D:AllThingsDigital Next Week

Microsoft may unveil the upcoming Windows 8 operating system to the public at the D:AllThingsDigital conference next week.

According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, D:AllThingsDigital has confirmed that Microsoft’s Windows president Steven Sinofsky will speak at the ninth D:AllThingsDigital conference next week.

There are rumors that Sinofsky will use the event to give the public the first look of the Windows 8 platform, which is expected to be optimised for use on tablet device.

At a recent developer forum in Japan, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer revealed that the OS will be launched in 2012. Microsoft could use the event to boast about some of the new Windows 8 capabilities.

The Windows 8 platform is currently under-development at Microsoft, with the company announcing that it will come with support for ARM processors in addition to Intel. It is also expected that the platform will come with support for a touchscreen interface.

Some screenshots of the OS have leaked in the past but they failed to give a clear picture of the OS’s capabilities.

Analysts expect that Windows 8 won't be released until the end of 2012, giving Microsoft another year and a half to work out any kinks before the final release.