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New SIM Card To Make iPhone 5 Smaller And Thinner

Apple wants to use smaller SIM cards in their fifth-generation iPhone thus making the device smaller and thinner, Stephane Richard, France Telecom/Orange CEO, revealed in an interview with All Things D.

Apple has even been looking at doing away with SIM cards altogether, in what is called the e-SIM project. Richard said that carriers had warned Apple about the security effects this could have, since SIM cards are a vital security piece used in the authentication process, and would mean that telecommunication companies could no longer manage customer relationships as easily.

Richard said that following a "constructive exchange and dialogue" Apple officials understood this issue and agreed to a compromise and to "standardize a new format of SIM" that is "compatible with their wishes in terms of size."

The new card should be smaller than the micro-SIM card currently used by Apple in their iPhone 4. The news comes only a week after an Orange executive announced Apple had filed for a new SIM form factor at the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).

Sources have suggested the fifth-generation iPhone will be much lighter than its predecessor and incorporate an edge-to-edge touch screen together with a voice-based navigation system and a new virtual keyboard, among other things.