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Nokia’s dual SIM mobile phones arrive

Finnish phone maker Nokia has announced two handsets that can handle two different SIM cards, in the Nokia X1-01 and C2-00.

The two mobile phones can take dual SIMs , along with offering the ability to choose which card to use for calls, messaging or other functions with easy switching between the SIM cards – without compromising the battery life or messaging in anyway.

These Nokia handsets are also able to remember five different SIM cards and all of their settings, along with offering up dual standby features where a notification of calls and messages are possible on each account, even in standby.

The X1-01 and C2-00 are geared up to offer the phone owners the ability to save money, by having two different tariffs from two separate mobile phone networks or just by having a personal SIM card and the company’s one - in just a single handset.

Nokia‘ s X1-01 is a music mobile, with a large external speaker, built-in FM radio and support for a 16GB SD card slot with a flashlight. The C2-00 has a VGA camera and an easy swap method for SIM management, without the need to remove the case and runs from the Series 40 OS, where the X1-01 has the Series 30 Symbian platform.

Both of the devices have a long battery life that lasts for 43 days on standby, 13 hours of talk time, or 36 hours of music play in the Nokia X1-01. The C2-00 delivers 19.2 days on standby and 5.75 hours of talk time – all of which is ideal when a power source isn’t always available, such as in developing countries.

The Nokia X1-01 and Nokia C2-00 will ship this quarter with a cost of 34 Euros and 45 Euros, respectively.

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