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Osama Alive Hoax, Twitter Users Targeted

Scammers have yet again used the death of mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden to trick Twitter users into revealing their account details.

According to security software maker Websense, scammers are using a hoax which claims that Osama Bin Laden, who was shot dead by US commandos, is actually alive.

The hoax tweets comes with a shortened link that supposedly points users to an article on CNN, but in reality, the link is to a phishing website.

“omgg osama is alive!!! cnn confirmed that he's still out there :((,” one of the fake tweets being circulated by the scammer reads.

The company said that the rogue link redirects users to a legitimate looking Twitter page that asks users for their username and password. People who unwittingly enter their username and password are taken to YouTube page which contains a CNN video in which protestors are claiming that the terrorist was alive and kicking.

The scam has grown to account for 1 percent of the entire of tweets in the eight hours it first started.

“The current rate of tweets is around 200 per minute, so the phishing page could be successfully harvesting Twitter account credentials and then tweeting on their behalf, thereby spreading the phishing links,” the company said.