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Sarkozy Hosts e-G8 Summit, Stresses On Privacy

French president Nicholas Sarkozy has hosted the world’s first ‘e-G8’ summit in Paris which was attended by the head of internet superpowers like Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Sarkozy applauded the tech giants for bringing about the Internet revolution but cautioned that they would have to make good use of the responsibility that they have been given.

“Your work can be considered historic and impacts civilisation. With this in mind, your level of responsibility is undoubtedly the highest ever given to individuals who do not work in the public sector or as state representatives,” Sarkozy said.

The summit focused on the level of control governments should have over the Internet. Sarkozy said that the responsibility of the Internet was big enough to share by both the internet companies and the government.

“Giving the Internet consideration is a real historic responsibility and this responsibility can only be shared,” he said. He said that internet had become such a huge part of people’s lives therefore it would be ‘contradictory’ to exclude governments.

The president, who is expected to give the details of the summit at the G8 conference, said that the Internet market should not be hindered by monopolies and barriers. He also stressed on the importance of protecting user privacy on the web.