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Sepaton Releases A New Range Of Backup Storage Devices

Sepaton has released a new range of data back-up appliances that are capable of replicating, deduplicating and compressing the data on a remotely located server. The new products can be used either for temporary or long-term storage.

The Sepaton DS3 family of remote data back-up appliances can compress and replicate data to long-distanced servers, the company said.

The three appliances under the DS3 family come with two 10 giga-byte ports and two Fibre Channel ports. The devices are capable of back-up speeds ranging from 600MB/sec. to 1500MB/sec, Computer World reports.

The company said that the data back-up appliance is designed to work well with its S2100-ES2 data center backup array. The devices can compress and deduplicate the data on a server located in a remote office before replicating it on the back-up array in the primary data center.

“Typically what we're seeing are customers that want to keep a backup copy at a remote site for two to four weeks on the DS3 because most recoveries happen during that time frame,” said Linda Mentzer, vice president of product management for Sepaton.

“Then they set the DS3 to replicate to their data center, where they keep the data on the ES2 for three to six months before sending it off to tape.”