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Square Releases Apps For Consumers And Businesses That Replace Traditional Payment Methods

Two new applications have been launched by Square, a leading mobile commerce company.

The new applications, named Square Register and Card Case, were released at a press event in California, will equip users with an easier, and more accessible platform for mobile commerce.

The Square Register has been designed to facilitate sales tracking, retail checkout and customer communication. The application, built for the iPad, will enable merchants to replace their cash register and credit card terminals with tablets.

"We think that this obsoletes credit terminals and cash registers," said Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Square, Information Week reports. "Those are a thing of the past."

"It gives you data. Every single merchant that uses the Square Register has Google-style analytics for everything they do. They can easily answer the question, 'How many cappuccinos did I sell today?'" Dorsey added.

“Card Case”, on the other hand, is more of a consumer oriented application built for Android and iPhone users. It will feature multiple merchant-branded virtual information cards that will allow customers to use their smartphones as “virtual wallets”, freeing them from carrying cash and credit cards.