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T-Mobile Stops Unlimited Data Plans, Introduces Cap On Downloads

US wireless carrier T-Mobile has axed its unlimited data plans, putting a download cap on all its plans.

The move comes as US regulators are mulling over AT&T’s proposed $36 billion acquisition of T-Mobile.

According to Daily Tech, the move might prompt users to jump ship to Sprint.

The new data plans introduced by T-Mobile are offering 200 MB for $15 per month or 2 GB for $20 per month. Users can is also offering a 5 GB data plan for $30 per month and 10 GB for $60 per month.

T-Mobile will also be punishing those users who breach their data limited by switching their connections to 2G.

Sprint on the other hand is offering unlimited text, voice and data on 4G network for $99 per month. Include the taxes, the per month bill racks up to $135 which is still better than the 10GB plan worth $155 per month from T-Mobile.

Sprint does not impose data download caps on its users but the company’s management has said that it might do so in the future. But now, Sprint seems like the only wireless carrier in the US with the best deals.