Tesco Testing In-store Sat-nav At Romford

UK retail giant Tesco is in the middle of testing a new in-store sat-nav system that will allow users to navigate their way through its stores to find the products they want.

In a blog post, the company said that it was testing an Android app for the in-store sat-nav system in the Tesco Extra store located in Romford in north-east London.

According to the company, the app will present people with the short route to pick up all the things they need to buy at a Tesco store, on a 3D map.

The retailer also said that it was looking for volunteers, both customers and employees that were willing to try out the application on their Android devices.

Tesco said that it decided to make a test application for Android because that is the only platform that allows users to download applications from unknown sources.

“The service is only available publicly to Android phone owners at this time, because we don't want the app in its current state going into the public app stores. Only Android easily offers the ability to install apps from 'Unknown Sources'.” Tesco said.

The company also warned that it was currently in the testing phase and won’t be releasing the service anytime soon for the public.