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Twitter's acquisition of TweetDeck confirmed

At the beginning of May, we reported that Twitter had offered around $40 - $50 million to purchase TweetDeck, after rival UberMedia had attempted to buy the third-party Twitter application for $20-something million. CNN Money is now reporting that the acquisition deal has been signed, and is now pending approval.

One of the most popular aspects of Twitter is the fact that the social networking service has many different third-party applications that twits can use to look at their Twitter timeline. For example,your correspondent has been using MetroTwit since it came out on PC.We also used Tweetie on a phone until it was bought by Twitter and converted to the official Twitter app for iPhone, which we still use.

Twitter usually tries to download third-party applications, but in some cases, it simply can't. And in those certain cases, Twitter acquires the company. See EchoFon or UberTwitter for example.

Twitter did not respond for comment, but a spokesperon did tweet, "For those who might be curious, we continue to not comment on rumours." Which is technically a comment, but we'll ignore that!