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Twitter’s Future Fairly Limited Feels Berners-Lee

World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee feels that the micro-blogging giant Twitter’s future is fairly limited, especially with the presence of too many extreme opinions floating around in the site.

According to Berners-Lee, who was addressing the audience at the Profiting from the New Web conference in London, held yesterday, the 140 character-limit prevents from becoming a platform to have a “reasoned discussion”.

On being asked whether or not Twitter has the potential to be a part of the future World Wide Web, the 55 year old British Computer Scientist said that something more sophisticated could be a lot more useful.

"Is Twitter going to be a part of that? Maybe, but maybe not. Maybe we need something more sophisticated," he said. "Twitter is not really designed for middle of the way discussion. Something should be."

However, this is not the first time when Berners-Lee had a go at social networking sites. In an article published last year in the magazine Scientific American, he thrashed websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn by saying that they were threat to the Internet, as they kept user information to themselves only, instead of sharing them over the Web.