Yahoo Renovates Inbox To Integrate Facebook, Twitter And Streaming Video

A renovated version of Yahoo Mail is expected to go live in the next few weeks, Yahoo revealed.

Beta testing for the new version began last year in October, and according to the company, almost 284 million Yahoo users from 43 markets across the world will be equipped with a wide range of new features and functions accessible from their inbox.

"This is the largest redesign of Yahoo Mail in six years, and we rebuilt it with a focus on performance to make it at least 2x faster than previous versions," read a company blog post.

The new features include fresh social networking functionalities incorporated into the Yahoo inbox, designed to allow users to interact with Facebook and Twitter through Yahoo mail. Users will also be able to watch videos or slideshows directly, instead of clicking a link and moving to it’s source location.

“Quickly view and reply to messages, photos and videos: You can instantly respond to messages from Facebook, Yahoo Groups and webmail providers directly from your inbox with an easy reply bar,” the Yahoo blog added.

Clearly, the purpose of these changes is to keep users logged into Yahoo for longer periods, making it their primary channel for interacting with the internet. Whether users will want to stay in their Yahoo inbox depends on how well the new platform has been implemented.