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ZTE, Acer & Fujitsu To Sell Windows Phone Handsets

Microsoft has confirmed that three more mobile phone manufacturers have signed up to produce Windows Phone handsets, starting with Mango.

ZTE, Acer and Fujitsu have joined the likes of Nokia, LG, Samsung, HTC and Asus to churn out Windows Phone smartphones, although exact launch dates have yet to be revealed.

Microsoft also pointed out that Nokia will launch a smartphone based on Mango, the latest iteration of Windows Phone OS which was launched today.

This leaves out Motorola, Sony Ericsson, RIM and Apple as the only top handset mankers that have not embraced (yet) Microsoft's mobile platform.

Of the three newcomers, only Fujitsu seems to be a major surprise because it doesn't have a major footprint in the global smartphone market and its only major commercial territory is, unsurprisingly, Japan.

The company presented a few days ago, one of the first (if not the first) mobile phones that run a full version of Windows 7. It dual boots on Symbian as well without having to be recharged every hour or so.

ZTE told us earlier this year that they were looking at Windows Phone 7 but did not confirm anything back then. Since they have already produced Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets, it is not surprising that they - rather than archrival Huawei - are part of the second wave of Windows Phone manufacturers.