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Amazon To Sell 7-inch & 10-Inch Tablets From $349

Online retail giant Amazon may be on the verge of selling two tablets, a 7-inch model from $349 and a 10-inch one from $449 according to sources speaking to Tim Bajarin from PC Magazine.

They told the journalist that the actual product range will be launched just in time for the holidays which possibly means around Black Friday or early November.

Bajarin also claims that originally the tablet was supposed to sport a special screen that could switch from a power sipping black and white screen to a colour one, but that it won't be ready until next year at the earliest.

The new tablets will run the Tegra 3, a quad core monster which is scheduled to be launched at the end of the year, and will be powered by Android (possibly Honeycomb).

Amazon has the best chances of becoming the most potent challenger to Apple's hegemony according to Bajarin because, unlike other rivals that offer only a piece meal approach, Amazon can match Apple's large offering by providing the same things but better.

Amazon already has a cloud-based storage service in place, video on demand, apps, books, music, audiobooks and a proven and brilliant cloud computing environment.

The company's secret weapon though could be its advertising platform, which may allow it to bring down the price of the devices even further whilst offering something to the marketers that Apple might frown upon.