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Apple Buys More Than 200 Wireless Tech Patents

iPhone maker Apple has enhanced its patent portfolio by acquiring over 200 patents related to wireless technology from Freescale Semiconductor.

According to an article on patent law blog Patently-O, the company recorded a receipt of 200 patents and pending patents belonging to Freescale.

The patent assignment records revealed that Apple received an ‘assignment of assignors interest'.

However, it is still not clear whether Apple purchased a full title to the patents or whether Apple just purchased the rights to utilize the patents, though the first is more likely.

Considering the massive $30 billion war chest that Apple has been sitting on, experts believe that the company went for an all out purchase of the patents. An outright sales seems more likely as Freescale, which has been incurring losses, has a multi-billion dollar debt to pay.

Technology giants arming themselves with patents is nothing new. In the past year or so, rival smartphone and tablet makers have waged patent battles against each other to stall competition. And one also can’t rule out the occasional patent troll looking for a big pay day. The patents will help Apple to protect its interests from either type of suit in the competitive mobile market.