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BT Slashes Landline To Mobile Call Cost

UK telecom giant BT has announced that it will slash the rates for calling to a mobile phone from a fixed line from Saturday, May 28.

Acting on the recent price cuts ordered by regulator Ofcom, BT said that it will reducing the cost for calling a mobile from a landline during peak hours to 11.3p per minute, a 13 percent cut from 13p.

The company also said that calling on mobiles from BT landlines will cost users 5.3 p per minute, a drop of 24 percent from 7p.

BT said that the price drop was the result of the Terminate the Rate campaign started by BT and Three, which urged Ofcom to cut the rates mobile phone operators were charging customers for receiving calls from landlines on their network.

The company also took a pot-shot at other landline providers like TalkTalk, Sky and Virgin Media, who were yet to announce the price cuts.

“Virgin in particular currently charges 31.61p per minute for daytime calls to customers on 3’s network and 19.35p per minute for daytime calls to other mobile operators,” BT mentioned on its blog.

“Other companies have yet to say if they will follow us in doing this. We’re also planning to launch the UK’s first ever all-you-can-eat calls package that includes calls to mobiles,” the company informed.